Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Some Bling For Your Nails: L'Oreal Color Riche Le Nail Art 004 Pearly Dress Review

Though I prefer creating my own nail art over buying stick-on/ stamp-on options, the L'Oreal nail stickers looked tempting enough for me to buy.
Product name: L'Oreal Color Riche Le Nail Art. Shade: 004 Pearly Dress.
Product price: INR 299.
Product quantity: 18 stickers.

My Thoughts: These nail stickers come in a black envelope with a clear slot through which the design can be seen.
Packaging: front
At the back, clear instructions are provided regarding application. I think it is very clever how the brand has put images of all available stickers on the back. Very tempting.

Packaging: back
The shade I chose was 004 Pearly dress which is a pretty silver grey shimmery sticker, studded with silver crystals.

Pearly Dress 004
The application process is clearly mentioned at the back and the steps are very easy to follow. You basically choose the sticker of a size that fits the nail you want to apply the sticker to, place it, press it down firmly to ensure to crinkles and file off the excess. Easy.
Sticker on little finger
Filing sticker on little finger
 Now here is the problem. If you happen to get one of the silver studs close to the edge of your nails, filing becomes difficult and the application is then uneven.

They do not last too long, may be a day or two depending on how much water your hand is coming in contact with. In any case, if you use your fingers while eating, these stickers will stain and that is not very appealing and there fore you probably won't wear them for a long time. Overall, for a quick manicure before an evening out, these stickers are great.

The Good and Bad and the Aby:

The Good: 
1. Easy to apply.
2. Great for the nail art novice.

The Bad:
1. Expensive for what is basically a one time use product.
2. Poor lasting power.
3. Uneven application if the location of the silver studs interfere with the filing.

The Aby Rant*:
1. If you use your fingers while eating as I often do, these stickers stain and they stain strong.
2. I do not like the feeling when they are on my nails. My fingers just feel heavy some how.

* Aby rant is my personal problems with the product, may not be a negative in general.

Dupe Alert: While I do not know an exact dupe, there are several brands that offer such nail art stickers.
Overall verdict: I think it is great for those who are looking for a nail art manicure to wear for an occasion but are not confident in their nail art skills. While it is certainly easier than getting nail art done at the salon, if you are comfortable creating your own nail art, then I would certainly recommend to you to do it on your own instead.

UniquenessColour PayoffLongevityApplication EaseValueOverall Grade


  1. nice review...I too got this pattern but haven't tried it yet...:)

  2. Thank you Puja. With your nail art skills, I think it would be an easy design to replicate.


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