Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Favorite Things: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm

I had never invested in high end skin care till last year. For the last seven years, I have been living on my own, moving from place to place, climate zone to climate zone all in the name of getting one education degree after another. And all this moving and shifting had taken its toll on my otherwise non-complaining, low maintenance skin. After spending two consecutive summers under an unforgiving sun without using any kind of sun-protection, not even an umbrella, my skin looked every bit of the sorry neglected creature it was.
Anyhoo, around this time, my long time, long distance boyfriend and I had decided to tie the knot and with the wedding preparations on the way and many research into makeup and skin care woke me up to the necessity of pampering my skin. That was my introduction to investment in good skin care and I have not looked back since.

Of my many favorite products, Clarins Beauty Flash balm occupies a pride of place.

Clarins Beauty Flash balm

It is a light weight balm that gives an instant boost of radiance to tired skin. I love to use it when my skin looks dull and tired and I want an instant pick me up. I love to use it as a mask when I want to give my skin some TLC. I love to use it as a primer. I love to use it period.  Two nights before my wedding, I felt a pimple forming near my nose. I dabbed on the Flash balm and went to sleep. Next day morning, it was gone.

Clarins Beauty Flash balm

Clarins Beauty Flash balm

I cant say enough good things about this balm. It has been around for ages and been a cult favorite for nearly as long. At Rs. 1800 for 50 ml, it is certainly not cheap but if you are going to splurge on one skin care product, especially if you are a bride to be, splurge on this.

Clarins Beauty Flash balm swatch
Have you used the Clarins Beauty Flash balm? How do you like it? Do leave your comments below.

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