Friday, 12 July 2013

Quick and easy nail art tutorial for beginners : Layered Nails

This is a really quick nail art tutorial. It does not require any skill or special tools.
What you need:
Two polishes in the same color family - color 1: a  darker shade (creme finish) and color 2: one lighter shade (metallic).
A toothpick 

I have used:
Color 1: Creme: Revlon Nail Enamel Fashionista
Color 2: Metallic: Maybelline  Express Finish Nail Paint Turquoise Green

Color 1: Revlon Fashionista
Color 2: Maybelline Turquoise Green 

1. Prep your nails.
2. Apply color 1 on your nails as a regular mani. Let dry.

Step 2

3. Apply a layer of color 2 down the middle of each nail leaving gaps on the sides and at the base. Let dry.

Step 3
4. Apply another layer of color 1 down the middle of each nail again leaving gaps on the sides and at the base. Let dry.

Step 4
You could stop here and add a top coat or do a fifth step like I did.

5. Go back to color 2 and using a toothpick, add a few dots with it on the last layer you put on your nails. Let fry and seal your design with a top coat.

Step 5

And that's the finished manicure.

Do share your thoughts and leave comments. Would you wear this? What spin would you put on this?
Mention me in a link if you try this or a variation of it, that would make me very happy.


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