Friday, 19 July 2013

Two Gala of London polish review: No1 and No7

Hello all. Today, I will review two polish from Gala of London. I already talked about my love for the brand here. The two polishes up for review today are both neons from Gala and have similar formula so they don't really require separate posts.
Product name: Gala of London in No. 1 and No. 7
Product price: INR 40-50 at local cosmetic stores.
Product quantity: 7 ml.
Shelf life: Not mentioned.

My thoughts: 
No.1 is a lime green and No. 7 is a bright orange. The polish formula in both cases is similar,  streaky after one coat. These even out after the second coat but the nail line is visible. On application of three-four coats, they become opaque.

No. 1 Lime Green
No. 7 Bright Orange
 These polishes are extremely glossy and I love wearing them in two thin coats, with the nail line showing - especially No. 1, the lime green one. If you put thicker coats, you will absolutely need a fast drying top coat as these take forever to dry completely and are prone to picking up fabric mark even after they become touch dry.

No. 1

No. 7

 The Good and Bad and the Aby:

The Good: 
1. Beautiful shade selection
2. Lovely glossy finish
3. Minor tip wear from second day when worn without top coat

The Bad:
Prone to picking up fabric marks even when touch dry.

The Aby Rant*:
Personal rants? None, I adore this polishes

* Aby rant is my personal problems with the product, may not be a negative in general.

Overall verdict: The 7ml polishes from Gala of London come in myriad shades. They can be great additions to your nail polish collection if you are into nail art and colourful manis in general.

UniquenessColour PayoffLongevityApplication EaseValueOverall Grade

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