Thursday, 15 August 2013

Colorbar Nail Polish in 47 Mystic Mauve

I have another Mauve offering from Colorbar. In a previous post, I had reviewed shade no. 49, Flirty Mauve. When I went to buy a backup of the shade, the MUA offered me this one instead since that was out of stock.

Product name: Colorbar Nail Polish Mystic Mauve 47
In the bottle

Colorbar in 47 Mystic Mauve
Product price: INR 110.
Product quantity: 9 ml.
Shelf life: Three years.

My thoughts: MysticMauve is a silvery mauve. It is sheer with a slight metallic sheen to it. I see some silver micro-shimmer in the polish which lend the metallic reflectance to the finished nails.

One coat
I find myself quite liking this color, both as a sheer wash and worn to its full opacity. A dusty, silvery mauve, I see this working on a range of skin tones.

The paint formula is typical Colorbar - a bit runny, thin and self leveling. Application is a breeze. The paint goes opaque in about three coats and I get a decent wear time of about three days with minimum tip wear when worn without top coat.

In three coats
The Good and Bad and the Aby:

The Good: 
1. Beautiful shade.
2. Super easy to apply.

The Bad:
Seems to chip faster than the older Colorbar polishes, may be due to the reformulation.

The Aby Rant*:
Personal rants? None, I adore this polish.

* Aby rant is my personal problems with the product, may not be a negative in general.

Dupe Alert: Searching. 

Overall verdict: I love this shade and find it quite unique. I find the formula brilliant and the end result gorgeous.

UniquenessColour PayoffLongevityApplication EaseValueOverall Grade


  1. pretty shade dear ..
    my recent one :

  2. Nice shade, as it chips soon I will skip it.

    1. You will be fine if you put on a top coat. It is a lovely color to try. I only said it chips faster as compared to the Flirty Mauve shade which gave me 5 days with me handling a screw driver at my observation site on one of the days.


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