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Travel Packing Series: Makeup Edition

Many of you know that I travel extensively, due to work and out of a passion for travel. Some of you also read my travel blog: Peanuts on the road. I have a trip coming up shortly and was planning a Travel Packing series on my travel blog when I decided to do a Make-Up edition on this blog.
Let me mention at this point that unless I am going to a conference, I prefer to travel with only a rucksack - does not matter if I am going away for two weeks or a month. So, packing, for me, requires a lot of thinking ahead and editing the to-pack list. 
Because we take a lot of pictures on our travels, it is necessary to look nice and fresh on camera. Even the simplest no-makeup look requires some products. So if you are like me and carry only the bare minimum, certain consideration is must while packing your makeup bag. In this post, I will share with you how I plan the products I carry. Hopefully, this will help you plan when you take your next trip.

"Perfection is in balance"

While on vacation, it is absolutely crucial for your skin to look healthy and nice on camera. Also, if you are prone to new products breaking you out, this is probably not the best time to experiment. Stick to the products you know works for you.
I pack a good BB cream that works for me. Note that because I will be carrying only carry-on luggage on the flight which means a restriction on the amount of liquid I can carry, I will choose a small size of the BB cream.

Choose the smaller size, even if both sizes are carry on approved.
During the day, I will prefer to keep the face light and fresh. If the BB cream can't take care of the odd blemishes, I will pack a BB stick with provides me with enough coverage (if you need more, pack a concealer).

Face makeup for day time
When I am traveling on a budget, I usually take lunch on the go to save money and have a sit-down dinner to enjoy the local delicacies. Since I know I may be going out to nice restaurants in the evening or otherwise, because there will be flash photography, I pack ONE good foundation. I love the studio sculpt foundation from MAC because it photographs really well and also because the coverage is medium but buildable to give full-coverage which means I absolutely need no concealer.

MAC Studio Sculpt
Finally, for the day or for the night, I pack my MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural which is absolutely absolutely amazing and gives me the most incredible looking skin.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural
With this, I pack ONE brush, the only brush I take on my trip - a medium sized face brush which can be used to apply the Skinfinish as well as blush.

A medium sized face brush
Which brings us to blush. I am very very fond of the MAC Sheertone blush in Sunbasque which gives me the most healthy natural looking flush ever. 

MAC Sunbasque
On to lips now. For day time, I pack a lip pencil that is close to my lip color and for night I pack a darker lip pencil - in this case I have packed a reddish brown lip pencil that flatters my skin tone.

Top: For day
Bottom: For night
During the day, I know I will be moving around a lot. So I want non-fussy lips. I will fill my entire lip area (after moisturizing and exfoliating) with the lip pencil and top off with a nice matte nude shade and leave for the day. I will have a moisturizing lip butter in a similar shade in my purse for post meal touch-ups or a shot of hydration if my lips feel dry.

Top: Matte lip stick
Bottom: Lip butter
For the night, I will wear the darker lip pencil in combination with a colored lip balm. If I am going somewhere nice, I will top it up with a nice sheer hi-shine lip stick so that the main color is still the dark richness of the lip pencil but the sheerness of the lipstick adds a high shine. Because the lip pencil is long lasting, my lip make-up will more or less survive dinner.

Colored lip balm

Sheer hi-shine lipstick
Because I wear contacts, I carry very simple eye makeup when I am traveling. I do not want to fall-out from eyeshadows or shifting glitters to irritate my eyes when I am out site-seeing. Of-course there is the option of  using cream shadows but they can crease after a long day and I would rather have a nice neatly lined eye at the end of the day than creased shadow. I usually carry a black, a brown and a colored liner. All the liners I carry are nice and creamy and can be smudged and blended with cotton buds. Also, I make sure that the liners I carry are all very long lasting and comfortable.

Eye pencils
A few more words:
If you see, I have carried only one brush - this is to eliminate the need to carry brush cleansers, since if you remember, I will have restrictions on the amount of liquid I can carry. This is also the reason I will not be carrying more eye-makeup since I have a serious issue with using dirty brushes, especially for the eyes.

A dirty pencil brush after a smokey eye makeup
Also, if you want to carry more lip colors,  carrying a lip palette is a better idea than carrying individual lipsticks since that will take up more space.

A customized lip palette
I will not be carrying one since I am mainly relying on lip pencils to give me a lasting finish.
Similarly, if you like eye-makeup, carrying a custom palette with all the shades you need is a good idea. Also, I don't normally wear mascara. But if you do, carrying a mascara is a good idea since it really opens up your eyes and makes them photograph really well.
I forgot to photograph them, but I carry makeup remover wipes rather than solutions again due to the liquid restriction in carry-on luggage.
Finally, no matter how much or how little you carry, make sure you carry the products that work for you.

Hope this long post was useful to you.

Do you plan your makeup packing? How much makeup do you carry when you travel? Do share in the comments below.

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