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Travel Packing series: Liquids I carry in my hand luggage

When I travel on holidays, I almost always carry only a cabin luggage. I find my trusted backpack provides me with greater mobility and flexibility than having to carry a suitcase. Also, having only a carry-on luggage mean zero chances of lost luggage on long-haul flights and also eliminates waiting for luggage at the conveyor belt upon arrival.
With all its perks, carrying only a cabin luggage comes with certain restrictions. Before you decide to pack your luggage for carry-on, I strongly recommend you read the TSA guidelines from the airport/airlines' website.
In my travel blog, I have written a post on how to pack liquids in carry-on luggage.
In this post, I will share with you what liquids I carry in my hand luggage. Of course, depending on where I am going, the products change a big. When I am going trekking, I pack a different set of products than when I am traveling to a big city. When I will be staying at an expensive hotel, I pack less toiletries than when I will be traveling on a budget and so on.

Incase you have not read my other post, the points you must remember are:
-Bottles less than 100 ml
-Transparent bag of size 1 liter
-Bag must be re-sealable.

I usually buy the 1 quart/small Ziplock bags easily available at the supermarkets.

One Quart/Small size Ziplock bag
Hair care:

If I am traveling for a about 2 weeks, I pack 30 ml bottles for shampoo and conditioner and a smaller bottle for my serum. At present, my favorite shampoo and conditioner are from the TRESemme Hairfall Control range and my favorite serum is the Argan oil one from Organix.
Liquids to be transferred to smaller bottles

Pour the stuff from a 225 ml bottle to a 30 ml botte for carrying in your cabin luggage

Skin care:
No matter where I am going, I always pack a sunscreen. If you have reasonable size tubes of a sunscreen, I suggest packing the smaller one, even though both may be carry-on approved. This is because you are allowed only ONE quart-sized bag and there is only so much you can pack in it.

Choose the smaller tube
I prefer to carry a spray-type sunscreen since they are absorbed faster and easier to reapply. The liquid consistency also means that they attract less dust than the creamier sunscreens, which is always a good thing when you are traveling.

The sunscreen of my choice for traveling
A good face wash and a sunscreen are the only two products I carry relatively big tubes of (still carry-on size mind you).
Face wash and sunscreen
For my face cream, I put enough for my trip in a travel size container and I am set for my trip.

My favorite night cream: Full size and travel size containers
If I am flying on a long-haul flight, I like to carry a small container with a hand cream, since my hands tend to get very dry on over-night plane rides.

A small container of a favorite hand cream

In my previous post, I talked about packing makeup for your trip. All liquids/creams in your makeup bag must also be put in the plastic bag. This includes all primers, foundations, liquid liners, gel liners, mascaras, lip-glosses, cream concealers, etc. This is why, I try to minimize carrying liquid/cream makeup while traveling.

A foundation and BB creams

Perfumes and deodorants:
I usually ask for perfume samples at the mall and fill the sample bottle with a perfume of my choice while traveling. If you cant get samples, there are companies which make containers (I think I have seen some at the NewU stores) in which you could carry you favorite perfume.
A 1.5ml perfume sample
Unless I am going somewhere very remote, I prefer to buy a deodorant upon arrival. If I have to carry one, I prefer to carry a roll-on deodorant than trying to find a small aerosol spray one.

A 50ml roll-on deo spray
I also carry a small toothpaste and the solution for my contact lens which I forgot to photograph.

So all these go into my small ziplock bag which I then put in my backpack.

Hand-baggage-ready fluids
Before I end this post, I want to restate the usefulness of samples in travel packing. Subscribing to beauty boxes or asking for samples with your purchases is a great way of getting travel size supplies. Hold on to those samples and use them while on your next trip or fill up the reusable containers with products you love instead of having to buy travel-size packs for the same.

Samples and travel-size containers

I hope this post was useful to you.
Do you pack fluids in your hand-luggage? What do you carry? Do share in the comments below.

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