Monday, 9 September 2013

Review Colorbar Exclusive Nailpolish 06

I love Colorbar nai lpolish and have reviewed a few on this blog. Today I bring to you a taupe shade from their Exclusive range. The Exclusive polishes are priced slightly higher than their regular paint and I don't really see a great difference in the formula.
Product name: Colorbar Exclusive Nail Polish 06 (these do not have names unlike their regular polish)

Colorbar Exclusive 06
Colorbar Exclusive 06

Product price: INR 150.
Product quantity: 9 ml.
Shelf life: Three years.

My thoughts: 06 is a cool taupe which has a slight hint of brownish-green undertones. The polish has loads of fine silver shimmer which gives a glossiness to the freshly painted nails. The glossiness however is not as pronounced after some 4-5 hours of application unless layered under a good top coat. 
The paint formula is typical Colorbar - a bit runny, thin and self leveling. Application is a breeze. The paint goes opaque in about three coats. I get a decent wear time of about three days with minimum tip wear when worn without top coat but the glossiness that is so pronounced during the first few hours post application goes away.

In three coats

In three coats

The Good and Bad and the Aby:

The Good: 
1. Beautiful shade.
2. Super easy to apply.
3. Reasonably small drying time
The Bad:
Doesn't retain the glossiness unless topped up a clear top coat.

The Aby Rant*:
I don't like the fact that the shimmer stays back when trying to remove the polish. This is of course not particular to this polish. This is my general  peeve with all polishes with shimmer in them
* Aby rant is my personal problems with the product, may not be a negative in general.

Overall verdict: This is a nice everyday shade. I only wish it retained its gloss better.

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