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Rave Review: p2 Cosmetics Volume Gloss Nail Polish 020 Business Woman

In a previous post where I have reviewed Essence Nail Art Cracking Top Coat in Crack Me Black, I had layered the top coat over a nude nail paint. Today I will review that nude nail paint from another German cosmetics brand that I absolutely adore and that, like Essence, packs a ton of quality and product at very afordable rates.
Product name: p2 Cosmetics Volume Gloss Nail Polish 020 Business Woman

p2 Cosmetics Volume Gloss Nail Polish 020 Business Woman
Product price: ~2 Euro.
Product quantity: 12 ml.
Shelf life: Three years.
p2 Cosmetics Volume Gloss Nail Polish 020 Business Woman
My thoughts: 020 Business Woman is a lovely nude with undertones leaning towards pink and suits its name to the T. It lasted quite well on me and was able to remain glossy and chic till I removed it about four days later. This polish is INSANELY pigmented for a nude color. ONE swipe ladies, ONE swipe was enough to give true-to-bottle color to my nails.

020 Business Woman, one coat
020 Business Woman, one coat
 I went ahead and did two coats anyway. And can I talk about the brush? I though OPI and Sally Hansen Insta-Dry pretty much had the brush perfected. But let me tell you, oh my god, to me, this p2 brush is perfection. I think I am more in love with this brush and the lovely polish itself, and that is saying something, since I love me some nude polish. It is wide and oval and fans out perfectly, enough to cover my nails in a single swipe. No clean up required and trust me, I am messy when it comes to nail polish application.
The brush

The final application, before cleanup

The Good and Bad and the Aby:

The Good: 
1. Opaque in a coat.
2. Super easy to apply.
3. Lovely glossy finish.
4. Beautiful color - formal and chic.
5. Absolutely stunning brush.

The Bad:
No obvious cons for this one.

The Aby Rant*:
None, I loved it.
* Aby rant is my personal problems with the product, may not be a negative in general.

Overall verdict: p2 Volume gloss nail polish in 020 Business Woman is a wonderful nude polish, a great addition to the polish collection of every, as the name suggests, professional women. I am blown away by the opacity of the polish and the quality of brush and my only regret is that it is not available in India. If you have some one visiting Germany, beg them or blackmail them, but get your hands on a p2 Volume gloss nail polish. Highly recommended.

UniquenessColour PayoffLongevityApplication EaseValueOverall Grade

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