Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Inglot freedom system lipstick palette: Review and Swatches

How often is it that you buy a palette and end up using only a few shades? Let's face it, it is very rare that a fixed palette contains no duds and appeals to everyone. Here comes the beauty of customized palettes.
The Inglot freedom system offers varieties of palettes which you could buy to make your own custom eyeshadow/lipstick/blush/compact/concealer palette.

I have been wanting to try out Inglot lipsticks and I opted for the palette which can hold five round refills. The 5 refill palette costs Rs. 850, but I got it online on sale at about Rs. 590. The palette is sturdy and has a semi-translucent magnetic top which can be taken off. Earlier they had a flip-open box style palette which had its own mirror and a place to hold the brush. I realise the old version probably would have made the palette more travel friendly but I like the new palette which has a bulky ruler-like feel to it.

My Inglot Freedom System 5 refill lipstick palette

Once you choose the palette, you can pick up refills. This is a difficult task since they have so many shades. I would highly recommend you to do your research beforehand so that you know exactly what you want to buy. I wanted an everyday kind of a palette and hence picked more neutrals but also threw in a couple of easy to wear fuchsia and coral shades.

My Inglot Freedom System 5 refill lipstick palette
The refills: Each refill contains 1.2g of product and is priced at Rs. 300 at the time of this blog post (When I bought these, they were Rs.250; prices have increased since then). The darker shades wear for about four hours and leave behind a tint that lingers for another hour or so. The lighter ones last probably for a bit under three hours. I picked up shades #85, #58, #56, #13 and # 61. All shades are creamy and smooth, opaque in one swipe and have no shimmer.

My Inglot Freedom System lipstick palette: Refill swatches
Shade 85: A beautiful fuchsia with a lot of blue in it. It looks lovely on. Not too bright, not to deep... like little Miss Godlilocks said, 'It's just right'. :) See, it gets me a-rhyming.

Round refill no 85
Shade 58: A right deep brown with a hint of red in it. It is doesn't look matronly unlike many browns and instead has a glamorous feel. Very chic for winter evenings.

Round refill no 58
Shade 56: A warm coral. Again, not too bright and quite wearable for both day time and night.

Round refill no 56
Shade 13: A peachy brown. On my lips, it looks more pink though. It will wash warmer skin-tones out.

Round refill no 13
Shade 61: A lovely nude brown with some pink in it. It is an MLBB shade for me and quite predictably, with my love for nude colors, it is my favorite of the bunch.

Round refill no 61
So there you have it, my everyday Inglot freedom system 5 lipstick palette. I love these little round refills and will highly recommend them. With so many shades to choose from, there is something for everyone.

Which shade did you like most from my palette? Would you recommend some Inglot shades for me to try? Do share in the comments below.

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