Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Clinique Chubby Sticks: The Whole Lotta Colors Collection

A couple of Christmases back, I had picked up the Whole Lotta Color Chubby Sticks Set from Clinique that featured mini versions (each stick is about half the usual size) of five of their best selling shades. 

Whole Lotta Color Chubby Sticks Set
Whole Lotta Color Chubby Sticks Set
Whole Lotta Color Chubby Sticks Set
The sticks are now nearly over and I will be re-purchasing a couple of them soon. I have loved using these hydrating lip balms for the love and care they give my lips and also for the sheer wash of colors they provide. They are easy to wear and the set provide a decent spectrum of shades.
Featured in the set are:
Chunky cherry - a sheer cherry red
Richer raisin - a sheer plum brown
Super strawberry - a sheer berry pink
Oversized orange - a sheer orange
Curvy candy - a sheer bubblegum pink
Oversized orange and Curvy candy were sheerer than the other three. Chunky cherry was the most pigmented and was my favorite along with Richer raisin. Super strawberry and Curvy candy were from the pink family and kind of similar on my lips, though Super strawberry is slightly redder than Curvy candy.

Onto the pictures and swatches then.

Do you own a Chubby Stick? Which shade do you like most? Can you guess which one I want to repurchase?

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