Monday, 30 September 2013

My German Drugstore (DM) Haul

I am sorry about the audio quality and my constant sniffling. Let me know which product you'd want me to review first.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Review: Essence Nail Art Cracking Top Coat in Crack Me Black

Essence nail polishes are hard to come by in India. But where they are available, they are an instant hit. The reason is simple. They are super affordable and high quality. On my recent trip abroad, I picked up a few Essence products. The cracking top coat up for review today is one of the few nail paints I picked up.

Product name: Essence Nail Art Cracking Top Coat in Crack Me Black

Essence Nail Art Cracking Top Coat in Crack Me Black

Monday, 16 September 2013

Review of Gala of London Nail Polish in 617 Pearl: A favorite blue polsih

Gala of London is a brand I really like when it comes to nail polishes. They are super cheap, come in over 70 shades and are great for water marbling. They come in two different sizes, 7ml and 9 ml and the shade selection is different for the two different sizes. Today I will review a stunning shade from this brand.

Product name: Gala of London in 617 Pearl
Product price: INR 65-90 at local cosmetic stores.
Product quantity: 9 ml.
Shelf life: Not mentioned.

Gala of London 617 Pearl

Gala of London 617 Pearl

Monday, 9 September 2013

Review Colorbar Exclusive Nailpolish 06

I love Colorbar nai lpolish and have reviewed a few on this blog. Today I bring to you a taupe shade from their Exclusive range. The Exclusive polishes are priced slightly higher than their regular paint and I don't really see a great difference in the formula.
Product name: Colorbar Exclusive Nail Polish 06 (these do not have names unlike their regular polish)

Colorbar Exclusive 06
Colorbar Exclusive 06

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Travel Packing series: Liquids I carry in my hand luggage

When I travel on holidays, I almost always carry only a cabin luggage. I find my trusted backpack provides me with greater mobility and flexibility than having to carry a suitcase. Also, having only a carry-on luggage mean zero chances of lost luggage on long-haul flights and also eliminates waiting for luggage at the conveyor belt upon arrival.
With all its perks, carrying only a cabin luggage comes with certain restrictions. Before you decide to pack your luggage for carry-on, I strongly recommend you read the TSA guidelines from the airport/airlines' website.
In my travel blog, I have written a post on how to pack liquids in carry-on luggage.
In this post, I will share with you what liquids I carry in my hand luggage. Of course, depending on where I am going, the products change a big. When I am going trekking, I pack a different set of products than when I am traveling to a big city. When I will be staying at an expensive hotel, I pack less toiletries than when I will be traveling on a budget and so on.

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