About Me:
I am a traveler, a foodie, a climate scientist, a nail-art enthusiast and a makeup hoarder. I am the chief author and editor at my travel and food blog Peanuts on the Road. I also run my makeup and nail art blog at A Nail-full of Happiness.

About this blog:
A Nail-full of Happiness has a two-fold focus. Because, I spend most of my time in front of my computer in my lab, I express myself through colourful nails – that is the only bit of frivolousness I allow myself on the weekdays. Hence, ‘Nailfull’. Come weekends, however, I am free to play around with my hoard of makeup and I wear a lot of colored liners, smokey eyes and sheer/nude lip colors. These things are my way of relaxing after a hard week’s work and they make me happy – So that’s my blog: A Nail-full of Happiness. Oh, and I am a bit obsessed about skin-care, but only a bit.
On this blog, you will find reviews of makeup products I like, skin-care I use and yes, you will find a lot of nail colors and nail-art tutorials.

Please understand that I am not a beauty-professional not am I a skin-care expert. All opinions expressed in this blog are my own and are meant to be taken in that spirit.
Unless stated otherwise, all products reviewed/featured on this blog have been paid for by me and with my own money.
I put in a lot of effort in providing accurate pictures and creating content for this blog and as such, all editorial content belong to me and any reproduction or copying of this content without prior permission is in direct violation of copyright. To obtain permission to copy any part of this blog or to use some of my images, please write at abyb.blogger@gmail.com with the subject ‘Content permission for Nailfull Blog’.

PR and Advertising Policy:
While this blog is a PR friendly blog, my loyalty lies with my readers. All reviews reflect my honest opinion based on my own experience and I am not compensated for writing positive reviews by any brand/PR company or affiliates.
I will, from time to time, review samples sent by PR companies for the same but only after I have used the product for a sufficient time as to form a genuine opinion of the same.
I put up affiliate links of a couple of e-commerce sites I trust but should you decide to shop from them, I am not responsible for the quality of your shopping experience.
If you are an advertiser and would like to buy space on this blog, please write to abyb.blogger@gmail.com with the subject ‘Advertisement space on Nailfull Blog’.

For any further query or if you simply want to say 'Hi', you can write to me at abyb.blogger@gmail.com, jsut remember to use the words 'Nailfull Blog' in the subject.

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